Taking inventory I realize that it has been over 2 weeks since my last blog post, ostensibly an indication of just how full life has been since Thanksgiving.  We’ve experienced quite the snowfall in a recent string of days including another icy blast off the lake this evening as I was returning home after spending a joyful the afternoon visiting family.  Evidently, the squall caught highway crews by surprise as roads were unplowed resulting in traffic slowing to a crawl and several stranded vehicles on the roadside.  Just a few nights ago I was among this class of stranded motorists following a blown radiator and transmission return line.  Fortunately, my neighbors were home and I was just a couple of miles from the house the way the crow flies.  The roadside assistance agent from my insurance company called 8 tow companies, each of whom were not available to respond to the scene, before then contacting authorities who dispatched a truck at the police contract rate of $150.00 plus tax.  Another chunk of change on top of that for repairs at the mechanic shop and I was back in the saddle again by the weekend.

So here it is a Sunday night and I’m rather exhausted in preparation for the work week.  Shoveling snow has become an addition to my fitness regimen and keeping up with my nephew Charlie during the football game this afternoon required an investment of energy as well, all done with great adoration.  He is in constant motion exploring everything he comes in contact with, and still getting his bearings as a bi-pedal bouncing off tables, chairs and feet.  He has been aptly dubbed “Pinball” by Grandpa.  At one point he was sitting on my knee and we were playing with a bottle opener tied to a string.  I paused to whisper mantras or affirmations in his ear, including how much we love him and how grateful we are that he is here in this world with us at this time and how amazing a spirit he is to share his love with us.  He was completely attentive as I spoke.  At another point he was sitting next to me on the sofa completely enamored with my phone, playing with it as if he was texting someone.  My sister took a photo of us and uploaded it to the social network, drawing numerous likes and comments.  I feel so blessed to have this developing soul in my life and look forward to spending our first Christmas season together.

A friend and business partner shared with me a video of an astrologer  delivering a message, or cipher, on the potency of the upcoming full moon in Gemini.  “Change or be changed,” to sum up what she portends for the planet over the course of this lunar cycle.  I could feel a sense of anticipation, in part anxiety and in part delight, for this latest opportunity to “upgrade” my consciousness and embrace the changes in scenery in all areas of my life heading into 2014.  Fear of the unknown often prevents us from moving forward in our life, and in so doing, leaves us prone to stagnancy, decay and ultimately an untimely death.  As I’ve walked this earthly plane learning who I am and my mission in this life, I have become familiar with the periodic nudges to move beyond the comfort zone.  In so doing, I continue to grow into my fullest potential as a spiritual being having this human experience.  Change is the only constant.  Love is the only aim.

In common wealth,