It is the night before the night before Christmas and not a critter is stirring other than a 6’3″ 230 lb. hominid listening to a recorded webinar “How to create a Killer Niche Kindle Book in a few days.”  MNF blares in the other room as I craft this web log entry with each keystroke.  Life is abundantly full and I am enjoying the escalation of Prana, both within my energy field and the ambient surge from this Gemini moon.  To further stoke the kundalini force we’re on the uptick in the wake of the Winter Solstice, a pattern I am seeing more clearly linked to the ebb and flow of my creative faculties.  These next six months hold immense potential for envisioning, assembling and erecting a lifestyle of conscious design.

My employer gifted me with a one month unlimited supply of yoga classes and a gift card to the local health food chain, a very generous and appropriate holiday bonus.  Taking my physical wellness to the next level is among the areas of focus as we wrap up 2013, and I anticipate an “upgrade in my apps” to be reflected in all areas of my life in 2014.  I am excited about the possibilities and surging potentialities in my various ventures from a life on the farm to an Internet campaign inspiring the masses to being Spirit Father to a most special prodigal nephew to tapping into financial resources hitherto untapped.   There are a dizzying array of moving parts at present, although I find myself not being overwhelmed as I would have prior to this most recent quantum leap in awareness and expansion.  My capacity for love has blown out psychic debris and the purification is leaving no cell unturned.

We come into this life with only so much time, yet we are immortal in our essence.  We may add years to our life through good self-care and wise action in our daily endeavors; however, adding life to our years is an even more profound aim.  We only get one shot in this body, in this incarnation to be the change we seek in the world.  I am encouraged by the acceleration of people awakening to the Truth of who they are as an alternative to the crippling illusion of fear that we see disseminated by the media, or in classrooms and even delivered in sermons by those who claim to be ordained.  In this regard, I consider myself a leader and in a position of immense responsibility in sharing my ministry with the world.  We live in times of rapid change and extraordinary demands upon our time and attention.  Thank you for sharing in this journey with me in the role you play for me as I play mine in yours.

In common wealth,


“Your resources are always far greater than you imagine them to be. Never ask, “Can I do this?”
Ask instead, “How can I do this?”

— Dan Zadra: entrepreneur, creator of inspiring books and gifts