I’m sitting at the kitchen table on an unseasonably mild winter morning with The Beatles Let It Be streaming after a hearty home-cooked breakfast of kohlrabi and eggs washed down with organic Love Buzz coffee giving thanks for the words of wisdom in this life.  Whilst skinning the kohlrabi to prepare for a healthier alternative to the traditional starchy potato homefries I managed to graze the top of my middle finger.  As the blood stained white chunks of the cabbage relative it occurred to me that this earthly existence is a series of problems, or perhaps riddles and puzzles to make it more intriguing, each with its own unique solution.  If you cut yourself apply pressure to the wound until bleeding ceases.  If you’re hungry eat food, or you will starve, thirsty you must hydrate or risk dehydration, cold you must turn up the heat or risk hypothermia.  And these problems or “challenges” are just the surface at the core of basic survival 101.

In an increasingly fast-paced and complex digital world we face many more problems on a daily basis to maintain our well-being in mind, body and spirit.  The good news is that no problem or challenge can exist without a solution, just as in math even the most complex “problem” can be reduced to its simplest parts.  Entrepreneurs often excel at identifying problems and supplying solutions to the market, or community, depending on your worldview.  In some instances, this may even be achieved without profit as the primary motivator when embarking upon an endeavor.  When we are infused with the “purpose motive” we expand into greater metaphysical frontiers hitherto unknown.  And if that purpose is rooted in a foundation of love we naturally set things in motion to lead a life of wonder and unlimited possibilities.

So once again we prepare to wrap up this calendar year and embark upon another 365 day journey of inquiry and experience.  I find myself drawn inward to take inventory, introspect and reflect upon what has transpired and how I might best apply new insights and understandings going forward into 2014.  Among the many emails surging into my inbox this morning I enjoyed one from a Swedish chap, Henrik, who hosts a Positivity Blog.  The message for his subscribers is a reminder to take good care of our self in the upcoming year, to have an “awesome and self-kind 2014!”  This is not a new message for me as I’ve been practicing this path of responsibility and transformation for over a decade.  However, it is a poignant reminder as I survey the scene and all the blessed demands upon my time, whether in my career, or family and social circle, or financial commitments, it all comes back to how well I care for myself in direct correlation to the level of service I can provide for all my relations.  Aho Mitakuye Oyashin!

In common wealth,