I’m enjoying some rare down time sitting on the sofa as the Denver Broncos beat up on the San Diego Chargers on a tranquil Sunday afternoon following a busy Saturday involving both business and pleasure.  I met up with a colleague for lunch at Horsefeather’s Market, where I also had the pleasure of crossing paths with some of my favorite people, before heading off to enjoy a bowling and dinner outing with the family.  I was able to log some “Charlie fun time” as he meandered about the bowling alley before we migrated over to the local Brewpub where there was an hour wait to accommodate a party of 12.  By the time we were seated everyone was ravenous and even Charlie scarfed down his grilled cheese before getting fidgety in his high chair.  I took him outside for a bit enjoying the January thaw temps as he climbed like a monkey about the outdoor furniture.  I love that little guy bunches.

WNY managed to survive the Blizzard of 2014 following a rare arctic event known as a “Polar Vortex” resulting in wind-driven lake effect snow squalls that dumped over 2 feet in some areas within a 36 hour period.  Down here by the lake we absorbed the brunt of it and at one point lost power with sub-zero temps.  I was suddenly alarmed given the loss of heat in such bitter cold, remaining calm as I went to snag my headlamp.  There was really no option to drive somewhere given the magnitude of the event and the ambient air became noticeably cooler within minutes.  I called my brother to check the local utility’s website where he confirmed numerous outages within our zip code.  I was going over my options from turning all the faucets on to prevent bursting frozen pipes and sleeping in my running vehicle.  Less than 20 minutes later the power was restored and the emergency plan of action was tabled.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed since this potent new year has begun with an exceptionally full slate of searches under way at the day job and a depleted team following attrition toward the latter half of 2013.  There’s money to be made right now and at the risk of spreading myself my thin my focus is turning toward making hay as the sun shines to collect a tidy bonus come spring.   However, I did just recently get introduced by a good friend and trusted colleague to an intriguing and promising opportunity to be part of something amazing in 2014.  This will be the social network for entrepreneurs and is the first of its kind with the potential to attract millions of established and aspiring leaders holding a shared vision for global collaboration.  We are set to launch January 25th and these next 2 weeks present a narrow window to introduce this to others of like-mind before it goes viral.  Drop me a comment if you want to be among the pioneers of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In common wealth,