A most infamous January goes into the books following record-cold temps and persistent snow events resulting in exertion to dig out seemed like darn near ever other day, and with that the Year of the Snake gives way to the Horse on the Chinese calendar.  I’ve been exceptionally busy in my various endeavors of late and thus, nearly 3 weeks since my last post.  The launch of neurs.com and an inspired recruiting effort to share the opportunity with as many as possible has been an area of emphasis whilst maintaining the day job and various other responsibilities in life.  I haven’t seen my nephew Charlie in almost 2 weeks and so tomorrow I look forward to connecting with my lil buddy during the big annual shindig hosted by my sister and brother-in-law for SB XLVIII.  As a little boy I wore the Seattle Seahawks’ pajamas and so I have a soft spot rooting for them to win their first-ever championship over the Denver Broncos held for the first time ever in an outdoor northern stadium.  The party attracts over a hundred people between family and friends with a buffet that would put many banquets to shame.

I have the big ACC clash between Syracuse and Duke on the TV as laundry churns in the washer while reflecting upon the last 24 hours.  After work yesterday I jetted out to the farm in Wyoming Country to gather with my tribe for homemade soup, camaraderie and discussion of a vision for 2014 in terms of collaborative projects.  There was mention of a first annual music festival, though that’s likely a bit further out on the horizon as infrastructure and capital must be improved to prepare before such a major event can be pulled off.  Sitting around the kitchen table the focus was on installation of fencing to contain an increased head count for the cows, construction of two more high tunnels to ramp up winter greens production and perhaps the beginning of an apple, pear and plum orchard on an eastern-facing slope toward the back end of the primary acreage.  Tapping maples, raising honeybees and resurrecting the vermicomposting bins which have been left to freeze in an old barn were also offered up.

I found myself especially resonating with the fruit tree initiative and what an honor it would be to assume the role of Orchard Master once I learn from other professionals who have masted cultivars, grafting onto stock, pruning and pest management to ensure an abundance of nature’s yield.  We even talked about doing a one month fast this summer, or dietary protocol restricting ourselves to that which can only be harvested from the farm, meaning no coffee, salt, sugar or anything you’d pull from a grocery store shelf or display.  It is an exciting prospect for not only physical wellness, but as a bold move in the direction of weaning off the various abhorrent processed food products which plague the masses, along with the profits lining the pockets of those who have little to no scruples in their marketing manipulation.  Indeed, to farm and subsist of one’s own accord is an act of civil disobedience and true patriotism in alignment with Natural Law.  In such a way, we can create a new model, or lifestyle which we pass down to the next generation leaving a legacy of health, compassion and sovereignty.

In common wealth,