A most frigid winter evening following the advance of yet another arctic air mass plunging south and wreaking havoc as a storm system chugs up the east coast with ice and snow in the forecast.  Fortunately, looks as though we will be spared the brunt of the elements after getting our fair share in recent weeks.  I managed to tweak a muscle, or perhaps a pinched nerve in my shoulder blade, compounded or aggravated by a massage session, and 72 hours later there is finally some relief from the piercing pain.  Yesterday was a bit excruciating just sitting upright at a desk, where I focus on maintaining good posture for 8 hours, as my muscles yearned to relax.  The shoveling has been of an order and magnitude unlike any winter I can recall, and I must confess caught me a bit unprepared in terms of equipment.  An investment in a snow thrower or a plow would have been wise, and if not for a generous neighbor offering up his machine periodically, I might just stay holed up in here until spring breaks.

Despite the bone-chilling temps I made it through the day in a rather cool office and off to the gym to get some cardio in before treating myself to an IPA and some chicken wings at the local pirate pub, then a soak in the tub with lavender epsom salts before sitting down to enter this latest blog post whilst sipping ginger tea.  I’m at something of a crossroads in my vocational endeavors as I reflect upon the last year of experience building a new professional skill set in software sales recruiting, or headhunting as most know it.  It has been a tumultuous ride, as I’d been forewarned by the owner of the firm when I started, with many highs and lows in terms of securing hires, or “deals” as they’re called when a client hires one of our candidates.  The novelty wore off several months ago as I got the hang of it, and lately it occurs to me that I am simply never going to be fulfilled or self-actualized sitting at a desk as an employee for the long run.  This is not really a newsflash, rather more of a recent validation since making the shift from contracting to inside sales over 6 years ago.

I do have some irons in the fire including a web venture and prospects for increased participation at a local CSA out in Wyoming County.  The next few weeks shall be quite telling in terms of long range effects from choices executed.  No matter how I slice it I am simply not money-motivated, or driven, rather it is relationships, nurturing existing bonds as I engage new, which drive my activity.  This has served me well from a sales standpoint, but again for me it is more about service, and ministry than extracting transactional profits.  I didn’t sign up for this Earth Mission to go through the motions and collect a paycheck while chasing the dangled carrot of “retirement”, which enslaves the masses.  I aint interested in an exit strategy.  I am building a legacy.

In common wealth,


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