I didn’t know it at the time but I’d been re-writing the story I’d lived into, or inherited from The Matrix.  There would be much upheaval and flux in my life over the next several years including employment, place of residence and social life.  I took a hiatus from the “party scene” and didn’t touch a drop of booze for a couple years.  I was striving to become vegan, although settled on vegetarianism allowing myself some diary and periodically eggs.  I dropped some excess skin and if you’d looked at the photo on my driver’s license (renewed at age 30) you’d swear I was ten years younger.  I was letting go of so much karma and allowing myself to shine in a way I hadn’t since my youth.  Concurrently, I was also judging the shit out the world, including my beloved family and many of my closest friends.  I fell into a self-righteousness New Age narrative and became preachy, expecting everyone and anyone to get on this path of Response Ability.  I was the fool shouting into the wind.